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Abby Dunkin

I was invited to try out for the USA National Team

Hi! I'm Abby and I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder when I was 13. Luckily I was able to mange my pain on my own for the most part. My junior year in high school, I had a few medical treatments go not as planned. I woke up one morning unable to walk normally. I grew up playing stand up basketball, I was a second degree blackbelt in martial arts, and did just about everything. I had plans to play in college and grow my game. After I realized that I needed a wheelchair for daily transpiration, I found the game of wheelchair basketball. After 6 months of playing with a local men's team, I was recruited to UT-Arlington to play for the Lady Movin' Mavs. This past year, we won our first national championship in our school's history for the women's program. A few months into my first college season, I was invited to try out for the USA National Team. We brought home the gold last summer at the ParaPan American Games in Toronto, and we hope to do the same at the Paralympic Games in Rio this summer!

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