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How I Celebrate Christmas

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Christmas Day Traditions

Christmas Day always begins with a cup of tea and cookies (very English). Then my family goes into the living room and listens to a Christmas CD I made for my mom when I was 14 years old and played percussion.

We then sit on the sofas and open our presents. My sister and I always open our gifts first as we are the youngest. I can’t really hold my gifts and tear the wrapping paper at the same time, so I take a pair of scissors with me to slice the wrapping paper so it is easier to tear the paper.

At 13:00, we all sit down for a Christmas lunch. Before we eat our traditional Christmas turkey, we all say a speech for the family members and friends who aren’t with us anymore and raise our glasses to toast them. After Christmas lunch we all settle in the living room where we watch the Queen's speech, play games, and watch TV until we all go to bed. 

Christmas means family for me. I like to spend Christmas with the people I love. I also love watching my family open their presents, laugh, and just have a good time together.

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