Parapalegic Party

Addison Johnson

Break The Barrier

I became a paraplegic when I wreaked my old school 80's cruzer at the age of 21 and scored a T:5,6,7. I try to fill my life with as much music and nature as I can. I figured out how to play the drums again by turning my bass drums on their sides and using drumline sticks. 

Car camping is lame and so are sidewalks, so I've been exploring non-accessible trails and figuring out the best methods to get out in nature. Part of that is through having thick tires and a freewheel, but I also off-road the fire roads in the mountains with my Tacoma to access the "actual" mountains you can only hike to. I'm trying to devote my life to helping people with spinal cord injury through music/horticulture therapy and being a peer mentor. I play drums, electric bass, mandolin, cello, guitar, and sing in bands. 

Never give up and dream big and show 2018 what your about! Any questions or conversation interests hit me up!


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