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TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers

About TOM

We're a global community of Makers helping people with disabilities (aka - 'Need Knowers'), develop open source technological solutions for their challenges!

TOM Makethons

Armed with a challenge, a makerspace, and 72 hours to find a solution, Makers and Need Knowers hit the ground running. TOM Makeathons are popping up around the world with a singular vision - to bring all the players together to create accessible and affordable solutions for everyday challenges.


1. Understand the TOM movement 2. Recruit volunteers and staff 3. Choose an accessible venue 4. Set the date 5. Secure local partners and event sponsors 6. Send out a call for challenges and Makers 7. Hire caterers, videographers, and photographers 8. Prepare the complete “TOM experience” 9. Assign Makers their challenges 10. Host a successful TOM

Our partners

Our partners represent a diverse range of leading global corporations, philanthropies and government agencies with a vested interest in technological innovation and rehabilitative resources. For the first time in history - we are collaborating worldwide, bringing together social activism, open innovation, and open source to develop solutions where market forces fail people with disabilities.


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