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How I Recover from Transverse Myelitis

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Helen Fincham

Nothing Stops My Life, Now Even Transverse Myelitis!

Hi, my name is Helen Fincham (@helenfincham), I am 23 years old. In August 2016 I woke up with a neck ache and by mid-day my body attacked itself and shut down completely leaving me paralyzed from the neck down affected at c4 level, leaving me a quadriplegic. Doctors had no idea how it came about or why it happened and took two months of testing for them to tell me they have no idea still, but that I’ll never walk and I have to just live with it. The diagnosis was Transverse Myelitis. I spent over a year in the hospital and rehab, but over the course of a few months I regained some movement in my arms, but my hands don’t function at all properly. THAT doesn’t stop me from still doing the same things I did before with my friends and family! I still go to the cinema, eat at restaurants, and go out at night.

Never Give Up!

You should not feel sorry for yourself, you can make good things happen. You just need to get up and find another way around doing it- you’ll be so much happier!! Remember, there’s someone out there who has it way worse than you. Always remember to make the most of what you have. Practice is key- remember you have to keep trying and never give up. I’ve found that having a great support group of friends, family and people around really helps me get through each day and make me want to better myself by not giving up.

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