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So I'm Legally Blind

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Connie Jones

How So I'm Legally Blind Started

Hi All! I’m Connie and I started @soimlegallyblind (www.soimlegallyblind.com) for individuals who have a visual impairment. My website is a resource for individuals, families, schools, etc. to offer support, encouragement and information for people like myself.

I was born with congenital cataracts and later also had another layer of steroid-related cataracts due to asthma. During that time, I was losing my sight, and had to use a CCTV to work. I’ve always wanted to support people like myself, as I was very fortunate to have support, tutors and an awesome family to help me when needed. I chose to have a career in the disability-field, and pursued my Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling. I’ve worked as a Disability Counselor with the Physical/Visual caseload for the past 11 years, and I really enjoy my job. 😊 I also love anything to do with Assistive Technology, as I couldn’t work without Zoomtex! Love it!

Challenges of being Visually-impaired

I was also fortunate last year to complete a 10-week course and receive a certificate in Assistive Technology.😊 If any of you follow me at @soimlegallyblind.com you know I’m also the very proud Mom to my Dollie who is also visually impaired. Dollie is 9 yrs old, and has been the model for my website until this past year when she retired. 😊🐶❤️ I’ve often been asked what are some of the challenges with my visual impairement, and I would say the main one has always been the lack of timely, safe and dependable transportation. That has always been a challenge. I’ve definitely managed with the bus, family and friends, but with the recent rideshare-type programs available, it really has changed things for a lot of visually-impaired people. It has provided a lot of independence and a hint of what it might be like to have the independence and freedom to drive. 👍🏻

Bloom Where You’re Planted

I’m also a consultant for other Universities and staff regarding the ADA, ADAA, 504, 508, and other applicable laws regarding individuals with disabilities. As my Daddy told me when I was a kid, never apologize or make excuses for your disability, just always “Bloom Where You’re Planted”! That advice has stayed with me forever and is the tagline for my website.

So if you know anyone who needs support, encouragement or information regarding an existing or onset visual impairment, take a look at my website at @soimlegallyblind.com and I would be happy to help. 😊  Hope you all have a wonderful day and I was so happy to be asked to contribute to this awesome site. Thank you so much!

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