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Why Not Skate with a Prosthetic Leg?

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Thomas Winkler

The Accident That Caused Me To have a prosthetic leg

Hello, my name is Thomas Winkler and I am 29 years old from Bautzen, Germany. I have recently moved with my wife to Austria. My passion is skateboarding. At the age of 12, I started playing sports because I found it interesting to try something new and my friends had also found pleasure in the sport. I did not know until then how popular skateboarding had become. I had a motorcycle accident at the age of 19 where my left leg had to be amputated. I started rehab and now have a prosthetic leg. This disability has never stopped me from living my life, playing sports, and having passion.

I am the only German skateboarder with a prosthetic leg

I was discovered on Facebook in 2014 by David Lebuser. He's a WCMX rider, which means a wheelchair motocross rider. He skates with a wheelchair in skate parks! It really fascinated me that even wheelchair sports are possible, so why not skate with a prosthetic leg? Since then, I am the only German skateboarder with a prosthetic leg. It really makes me proud to be a role model for people with disabilities interested in skating.

#GoFundMe for New Prosthetic Leg

I have launched a #gofundme, hoping I will eventually get the healthcare I need to continue skating. My current prosthesis is too high for jumps, and health insurance companies do not approve of the desired care I need. The cost is 10,000 euros, which I cannot afford.

In May 2017, I had a prosthetic leg from Ottobock tested. This special carbon spring enabled me to improve my jumps because it is more flexible and had higher load capacity. I have tested this and was visited by a YouTuber from Switzerland @Fabian Doerig who is a skateboarder. He accompanied me for a week in Austria and we skated in Vienna together.

I hope nobody gives up in life no matter how difficult their situation is because it can only get better again. A physical disability is an obstacle which you have to learn to overcome. It would help me if you could make a small donation by clicking on the link below:

https: //www.gofundme.com/thomas-leg prosthesis-supply
**This GoFundMe was launched by my friend (Instagram: @tomcat_skate)

Thank you!

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