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Using My Disability as a Superpower for Design: Meet Keela Cup

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Jane Hartman Adamé

Menstrual Cups are not Made for Everyone.

Menstrual cups are awesome. They're better for the environment, save you money and trips to the store, and they can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time unlike disposables. However, they can be really tricky to use. I found this out the hard way after suffering multiple subluxations and dislocations trying to use cups while living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Instead of becoming quietly discouraged and embarrassed by this problem,  I set out to make something better.

How Keela Cup is Different

Unlike most cups, which feature a nearly useless, uncomfortable stem, Keela Cup's stem is it's most novel feature. Made of soft, flexible silicone, our pullstring stem moves with your body, is fully adjustable in length and connects to the top rim of the cup to break the seal when pulled. No more trimming, reaching or pinching! We've made Keela cup as easy to remove as a tampon, making it more accessible to more people.

Inevitably, Inclusive Design Benefits Us All

Most products are designed to work for "the 90%" meaning, the majority of users. The obvious problem with this design philosophy is that it excludes so many people, and most likely the people who are most in need of easier, better options. People with disabilities have periods, too, and we deserve to have access to more choices in how we manage our menstrual health.

Our philosophy is that designing for users that have the most challenges actually benefits everyone. Something that may be a barrier to access for you or me is likely an inconvenience to someone in that 90%. Solving for these challenges creates an easier to use product for everybody.

We Need your Support to Make "Inclusivity" The Word of the Year for 2018

We are so excited to have been so well received in our crowd funding launch. With over 1,000 backers on Kickstarter, it's clear that the world agrees that inclusive design is what we all need. If you would like to support our mission, please share our story with your community and pre-order a cup at www.keelacup.com

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