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ויטל זינגר

My own kind of Water Dance :)

I just came back from an incredible weekend in which I finally got the chance to FLY on the water, despite my spinal cord injury that has left me in a wheelchair.
I am so happy that this dream of mine to water ski came true!

It's already 3 days that I roll around with a huge smile and a sense of satisfaction that fills my heart even as I write these words… What a crazy feeling it is to succeed and overcome the challenge that you have set for yourself… I'm SO proud that I dared and succeeded in spite of all the physical difficulty… It was so worth it!
I absolutely love this amazing feeling of accomplishment, and I KNOW that I'll never forget the sense of freedom and the wind in my hair on the first time that I danced on the waves!

True, it's scary, it's challenging, it's physically difficult, but with the right guidance - it's an amazing and empowering experience that you simply can not miss! Go try it!

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