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Handiplanet: Travel Community for People with Disabilities

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Mélina Handiplanet

What is Handiplanet?

Handiplanet is the social network of travel experiences shared by people with disabilities. We seek to improve the mobility of tourists who have disabilities through a social and contributory travel guide linking specific access needs to tourists with disabilities.

Why did we start Handiplanet?

In 2016 we wanted to travel to Greece for the holidays. We almost gave up because we couldn’t find reliable information about accessibility according to my specific degree of mobility.

Due to degenerative Myopathy (a genetic disease which affects my muscles), I am in a wheelchair with a removable battery motor. But am I alone? I guess not. 80% of people with disabilities don’t travel because they can't find reliable information. That's why my brother and I created a collaborative travel guide where people with disabilities can share accessible experiences about places during their holidays according to their specific access needs.

Disabled travelers create an account, complete a profile (select: electrical wheelchair, manual wheelchair, etc.) and exchange tips and relevant information with the community. Travelers can consult experiences sorted by city, type of mobility or POI (restaurant, beach, boat cruise, hotel, café, museum etc) that has been shared by other travelers who already visited the places. Travelers can also share their accessible local experiences or experiences across the world. This helps our community of travelers.

Handiplanet's Mission

Thanks to this social travel guide, information is reliable and encourages people with disabilities to travel. This centralized social tourist network offers customized information enabling tourists with disabilities to connect with each other. Information will be useful for future tourists with disabilities in France and across the world.

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