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Robert Cooper

An Epic Calling

Attempting to deal with seizing positions, while they express their loving opinion, often this can feel like oppression, as I'm expected to bow to their submission, while insisting I ignore my intuition, but I just can not conform, for what is seen as the norm, I prefer to continue to follow my vision, wishing to understand why we spasm, knowing this will take us out of these prisons. Family debates with plenty of flare, the ones that I love & do not mean to scare, I just ask that they try to relate to me here, and stop making a fuss over one fucking beer, I get that they'd like me to settle and steer, over and start taking the doctors gear, but I myself need to work out my fears, as I'm responsible for my own painful tears. YES, seizure free is where we'd all like to be, as when we seize it's like an angry bee, for you and me stinging so badly, BUT, the strength that's gained, from a life involving pain, is why I smile for miles, when you complain, about how you wish it was all plain, BECAUSE, I enjoy the dance when we reign in the rain.

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