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Our Top 5 "Love♡Bili♡NYC" Products

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית


Love♡Bili♡NYC is a NYC-based apparel company, founded by two disabled women that promotes disability awareness and empowerment. At ♡bili, we take images that too often symbolize weakness and celebrate their actual function of strength. Wear your pride in style and #loveyouraBILIty: www.lovebilinyc.com.

Product #1: The Wheelchair Shirt

Our original wheelchair tee! There are many ways to feel empowered and this simple tee is just one!

Screen printed wheelchair on the front, logo on the back. 

Product #2: The Brain Tote

Our Brain Tote highlights inclusivity and reminds us that not all disiblities are visible! Always keep love on the brain <3 

Screen printed brain on the front, logo on the back.

Product #3: The Joshi Shirt

Our Joshi Shirt is a collaboration with A Leg To Stand On (ALSTO), a NYC-based nonprofit organization that provides free orthopedic care and prosthetics to children in the developing world!  50% of the proceeds go to ALTSO. 

Screen printed Joshi limb on the front, logo on the back.

Product #4: Little Sticks Tote

A small tote to take anywhere! Featuring our sticks design and a lot of love. 

Screen printed sticks on the front, heart on the back, and logo inside.

Product #5: The Pride Shirt

Our rainbow tee is all about pride! Because everyone deserves an equal amount of LOVE!

Screen printed rainbow wheelchair on the front, logo on the back. 

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