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Yair Zur

About me

My name is Yair! I am an industrial designer and the founder of Handy bag which is a brand that designs and manufactures bags for wheelchair users. The inspiration for the project came from my lovely parents, my dad is a war veteran and my mom was diagnosed with polio, both of them are using wheelchairs. Also, I am one of triplets and I have an older brother.

The solution is called the Dynamic Handy Bag

The problem is that Traditional backpacks for wheelchair users are not accessible for them because they are located in the back of the chair. And so, they are simply not designed well enough to fit the user's needs and they don't look so good. The solution is called the Dynamic Handy Bag- witch is a dynamic backpack that the users can pull from the back side of the chair to the front and gives them full access to their belongings with minimum effort. Its also branded and aesthetic.

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