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Top 6 Fashionable Prosthetic Cover Companies

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Fashionable Prosthetic Covers

Advances in technology have made prosthetic limbs both more accessible and visually appealing to people who wear them. Prosthetic covers are now pieces of wearable artwork, and we have collected our top 5 favorite fashionable prosthetic cover companies.

#1. UNYQ

yoocan community member, Lisa Ludwig (@lisaludwigxo), is an ambassador for UNYQ. This prosthetic company designs custom stylish prosthetic covers for lower limb amputees. Lisa does not have enough good things to say about this company.
"Through this partnership I have had the chance to promote the UNYQ covers, covers of which have changed my life by providing me comfort and self esteem." For Lisa, this has been a great opportunity to have the chance to link amputees to a company in which she truly believes in.

Website: www.unyq.comInstagram @unyq
Lisa's Ambassador Page: https://m.facebook.com/UNYQambassadorlisa/

#2. ALLELES Design Studio

Alleles aims to empower amputees through providing their choice of self-expression with affordable fashion-forward prosthetic covers for legs and arms. The mission of Alleles is to help amputees express their creativity, individuality, and confidence through providing more cosmetic options for their prosthesis. They are influenced by the eyeglass industry, and use fashion and design to transform prosthetic cosmesis from a medical device into a new stream of fashion.

Website: https://www.alleles.ca/
Instagram: @alleles

#3. Pro Aesthetic Designs

Pro Aesthetic Design is a developing business designing snap fit casings to wrap around Prosthetic Arms. Through various work placements and personal experiences, the founders of Pro Aesthetic Designs conculded that there was a lack of aesthetic consideration. This led to the journey  of developing an inexpensive product that is easily used and produced and allows the user to express their creativity through fully customisable templates or a selection of surface designs.

Instagram: @proaestheticdesign


The ART4LEG cover is shaped into the form of a natural human leg. The unique shape and surface of the cover expresses the lifestyle and character of the person for whom it has been designed. Smooth, patterned, airy and organic designs are used to provide distinctive character and a variety of colours are available for final post-production. The individualized cover is attached to the leg prosthesis in
an innovative way using high-powered magnets. These magnets hold the front and back panels tightly together while also making it easy to remove them. The fashionable style and sophisticated functionality of the fairing gives the prosthetic device a brand new dimension.

Website: art4leg.com
Instagram: @art4leg

#5. The Cover Studio Paris®

The Cover Studio Paris® is a French design studio dedicated to the cosmetic and artistic covering of prostheses for people wearing aids. The Cover Studio Paris® emerged from a strong intent to share the founder's extensive experience as a designer for the benefit of men and women looking to reassert their identity and distinctiveness. Within the studio, a team of passionate designers, engineers and graphic artists shapes Covers that match your style. Each person is unique and The Cover Studio Paris® helps people reveal their individuality through the next generation of cosmetic and above all artistic coverings for limb prostheses.

Website: https://thecoverstudio.com/en/
Instagram: @thecoverstudio_paris

#6. U-exist

U-exist believes that all people with disabilities deserve to rebuild and express their individuality, creativity and emotions. Through art, U-exist reflects a more contemporary image of disability. They strongly believe in the power of customizing orthopedic equipment to let the individual express his/her personality and style.

Website: http://www.u-exist.com/
Instagram: @u.exist

Have a prosthetic cover you would like to recommend?

Please email jessica@yoocantech.com if you'd like to add your product recommendation to this list. #yoocandoanything #amputee #prostheticcover

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