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Comfortable & Effective Sleep Mask

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית

Alexandrea Van Der Tuin

Great Mask if you care for it properly

I use 1 of a few sleep masks that I own each night.  This one is awesome.   See the link and photo of it below! This is only one of the things I use/do to get a good nights sleep.

Directions on how to use an Effective Sleep Mask

Never put it in a dryer but, if you put it in a bra wash bag buy itself it should be fine in the washer if you have quality detergent and don't wash on the most rigorous setting or in hot water. This particular mask prefers cool/cold water. If you put it in a dryer unlike some masks (even if it was on a low/medium heat setting) it can start to detach the inner layer of it and over time pretty quickly you'll see damage to the front eye area too. So, DON'T put it in a dryer.

Hand wash it ideally, and put it on a super absorbent thin towel on a flat surface somewhere outside of your room to allow it to air dry over  a couple days tops (or possibly dry it without a towel underneath if you can, based off details shared below).

Depending on your dryer, what else you need to air dry, and the temperature of the heat used while your dryer is on. You may put some sleep masks outside of the dryer on top of it when it's drying other items inside. This will speed up your drying time of the mask(s)/other air dry clothing items. I use a small bit of my shampoo in my bathroom sink to wash all/most of my face masks this way  most of the time. I pat or stir the warm water a little to make the shampoo suds and wash my hair brushes and sometimes my bras around the same time. My hair brushes do get a different sink of water and shampoo then the masks, but are washed in the same way and bristles down. I usually wash 2-3 masks at once.

As for the mask and my experiences with others- I've tried several. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep blocking most to all of the light. It's not HOT, It fits great, has a deep eye area so it doesn't interfere with eye movement/makeup, and is Oeko-Tex certified! Mine is black inside and lavender on the outside. I DO NOT replace my eye mask every 3 months like the sales page states I should. I've owned mine for about 11 months now. It may need replacement soon. I do not need the ear plugs, but you can use them if you do. The ear plugs are pretty good quality overall but, I prefer orange ones with rims when/if I ever need ear plugs.

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