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How Noah beat cancer TWICE!

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Ivona Novak

Noah's Journey with Cancer

Noah was born a full-term healthy baby, but that all changed at 3 months. After we noticed Noah's pupils were different. We rushed him to the hospital where Noah was diagnosed with cancer. At a tiny, 3 months, Noah had neuroblastoma and with that a 7 cm mass in his chest, multiple in his lungs, masses on both adrenal glands and his liver.  Noah was determined to live. After two chemotherapy sessions the doctors proclaimed that Noah was in remission, and we went home.

5 month old cancer survivor

Noah was now a healthy 5 months old. A 5 month old cancer survivor. He was a happy baby who just started to eat his veggies and loved broccoli. Soon things started to change again when Noah became cranky and not as mobile. By the time he was diagnosed, he was completely paralyzed from the neck down. His cancer had come back. Would he survive? What was the treatment for a tumor that spans your whole spinal cord? Noah was determined. After many more chemotherapy treatments, medications, exams and physiotherapy Noah was sent home.

Noah is a survivor

Today, it has been two years since Noah's last treatment. He is a social butterfly who loves speeding down in his wheelchair. Noah is moving his legs again and he is just as determined to walk as he was to beat cancer. Twice.

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