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Safe Walk: By Milbat

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Helping people getting back on their feet

The world population is aging and comprises almost one fifth of the developed world population over 65 years old. Although new medical developments, extend life expectancy, more than half of the elderly will suffer from decreased mobility and independence due to injuries originated from falls and arthritis. In the US, 14% of the elderly population use a mobility assistive device, one third of those are walkers.

The Problem

Walking rehabilitation therapy given to post traumatic patients usually lasts only a few days and ends when patients start walking using a walker. The treatment is subjected to the physical therapist observation and interpretation, thus may take longer than needed or end up before patient‘s walking capabilities are fully recovered. The lack of objective measurements of patient walking characteristics does not allow proper continuation of care that frequently results in severe mobility limitations.

The Solution: Safe Walk

• This product provides continuous analysis and measurement of the patient’s gait, walking speed, load balance and distance
• Extension of physical therapy hours • Physical therapy is based on objective and quantitative data • Weight distribution and walking patterns using biofeedback mechanisms • Remote monitoring of patient’s activity and walking pattern • Patient / therapist interaction through a dedicated App

Technology & Design

• Built-in force / pressure sensors, electro-optical sensors and accelerometers for measuring weight distribution, gait, sway and walking speed of the patient • Vibrating handles delivering to the patient biofeedback signaling and alerts according to the therapist predetermined guidelines • Patient data is displayed on tablet / smartphone and saved on a cloud for further analysis • Patient’s functionality and performance can be viewed and analyzed using an application

Are you interested in purchasing Safe Walk?


Mr. Nachman Plotnizky, CEO
E-mail: plot@milbat.org.il

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