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Stand up and play

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Anthony Netto

I started the Stand Up and Play Foundation to make my dream a reality

Hi, I’m Anthony. I started playing golf in South Africa when I was just five years old. I turned golf into a business, eventually teaching the game all over Europe. In 1994, a drunk driver hit me while on my way, ironically, to a South African golf tournament. The accident left me a paraplegic, seemingly ending my days on the course. Not being the type to give up and stop doing one of the things I loved most, I started to work on a way to play golf again. After over a decade of research and development, I came up with the Paramobile. The Paramobile takes the basic function of a wheelchair, and adds a lift that puts the rider in an upright position. The chair makes it possible for paraplegics to enjoy sports as they once did. My goal is to get as many paramobiles on golf courses as possible. I started the Stand Up and Play Foundation to make my dream a reality and I invite you to reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested in getting a paramobile for yourself or your local golf course!

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