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My Warrior Son Zion Is Developmentally Delayed & Has Epilepsy

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Denise Summers

Zion Is Our Warrior Child Despite Having Special Needs

My son, Zion, was diagnosed with special needs when he was 2 1/2 years old. He was a good baby and loved to stare at lights. My husband is visually impaired, so we were concerned for my son's eyes. After proper testing, we discovered he was.   

When Zee turned 7 years old, we discovered he also has Epilepsy. He loves people and music and going to church. I work full time to support our family. I would encourage everybody to reach out for help and do something for yourself to be a better caregiver, such as exercise and eat with nutrition in mind. I have an online fitness business, which allows me to work outside of the home and workout at home.   

Please contact me if you're interested in more information:   

Instagram: @denise.summers

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