yoocan - Daniel Lewis - Our Brave & Happy Brother Who Has Hydrocephalus & Cerebral Palsy
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Our Brave & Happy Brother Who Has Hydrocephalus & Cerebral Palsy

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Daniel Lewis

Our brother's fight & disability

Our brother's name is Dan. He's 24 and this story is being written on behalf of his sisters, Mollie and Isabelle.

When Dan was 3 days old, he suffered from neonatal meningitis, which caused Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy. He had to have a VNS pacemaker inserted and a shunt to manage his Hydrocephalus. He also has severe epilepsy.

smiling with Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy & Spinal Cord Injury

When Dan was 6 years old, he was left unattended in a wheelchair and suffered a severe cervical spinal cord injury and a broken neck. He was in a halo for 9 months but that entire time he still smiled. We have taken care of him since he was very young. Although he has episodic severe agitation, he is a very happy man. He spends lots of time outside in his wheelchair, swims and loves sensory items such as disco lights. He's been admitted many times since his first hospital trip (over 4 months) but takes each day as it comes and still shocks doctors with his energy and abilities to this day.

We are currently trying to raise awareness for Dan as he cannot speak for himself but  we want people to know how special and amazing he is.

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