yoocan - Trinity Cook - Worlds First Fitness Model with Williams Syndrome?
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Worlds First Fitness Model with Williams Syndrome?

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Trinity Cook

Trinity's Journey to Fulfilling Her Dreams

Funny, friendly, caring, quirky and dedicated...   These are just a few of the words to describe Trinity Cook. At 18 years of age Trin is one of the funniest and most inspiring people you could ever meet. Diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Williams Syndrome as a baby, Trin (as she prefers to be called) has had her share of challenges. Williams Syndrome is a random mutation which affects an estimated 1 in 10,000 people worldwide, resulting in the deletion of several genes including the elastin gene on chromosome 7. This shortage of elastin causes certain features common to people with WS including a heart defect, intellectual deficits, distinctive facial features and some unique and interesting personality traits. People with WS have a very friendly, endearing and highly social personality, and tend to love music with a passion which tugs on their heart strings. They are caring and don’t feel intimidated by anyone, leading to some very funny situations. Trin had many operations as a small child including open heart surgery at 2 years of age, a turned eye, bowel prolapse and hernia operations. She is currently in year 12 at a mainstream school, and has managed by being on a modified life skills program.

Fitness & William Syndrome

Trinity is very aware of her syndrome, and in her teens she made the decision to look after her health, and began personal training. Young people with William Syndrome often have low muscle tone and joint laxity. As they get older, joint stiffness can develop. Physical Therapy is extremely helpful in improving muscle tone and strength and range of motion in joints. Trin had developed rounded shoulders and poor posture and urgently needed to strengthen her back and chest. Also feeling a bit different to her peers, her confidence needed a boost. At 16 she started personal training with Angie Moore of Move.Live.Be. Health and Fitness twice a week and took it very seriously. With a varied program of targeted weight training and light cardio, her body rapidly gained strength, toned up and very importantly, her posture improved dramatically. Trin took to gym life like a duck to water, and can be regularly seen boogying to music in between weight sets, and having a cheeky laugh with the staff and other gym members. Angie has had many laughs watching Trin’s cheeky antics. They quickly developed a close bond.

Competing with williams syndrome

Before long, Trin started to feel amazing physically and mentally. Her confidence soared, she felt stronger and as she reached adulthood in early 2018, she decided with Angie’s very experienced guidance, to compete as a Sports Model with ICN in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in their Rookies competition. May 6th was her very first competition and organiser Jason Woodforth created a ‘Physically Challenged‘ division especially for Trin.  After spending the morning getting glamorous and stage ready with tanning, hair and makeup and making lifelong friendships with all the competitors, Trin walked onstage like she owned it! She proudly won a trophy which was a dream come true, and in that moment touched everyone in that auditorium with her happy tears, beautiful smile and inspirational story. Trin hopes to inspire people young and old with all types of challenges to take up a lifestyle of becoming fit, healthy and strong. She now trains at least three times a week and loves every minute of it. Her Instagram for all things Trin is @fitmodeltrin…… She’d love to meet you there!

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