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If I Can, You Can Do Anything- Living with Hemiplegia

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אליס פורסטר-סמיט'

If I can, yoou can

I have a mild form of cerebral palsy called right side Hemiplegia, which affects the right side of my body. Don’t feel sorry for me, just be inspired. Shortly after birth I was diagnosed (after suffering from a stroke), so I don't know any different and have learnt to adapt to day-to-day living. Growing up I was often told ‘you cant do that.’  I would later go on to prove them all wrong. The more people tell me 'I can't', the more determined that makes me. I have since gone onto learning to drive, gaining a degree and traveling the world solo, proving even more people that I COULD DO IT. After meeting so many able-bodied people that were inspired by my story, just by doing something I love, I began writing a blog to help influence and inspire other disabled people, especially those with Hemiplegia.  My aim now is to continue to inspire others that yoocandoanything. If I can do it, you can. There's no such thing as can't. Never give in.

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