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Giftgowns: Rethinking the Hospital Gown

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית


The story behind Giftgowns

Giftgowns was inspired by founder, Jackie Moss’, personal experience.  A few years ago, she ended up in the hospital. Once she was better and able to reflect on the experience, she noticed three things.  When you’re in the hospital, you need to be cheered up and be surrounded by things that make you smile.  Everyone wants to buy you presents, but there aren’t many options out there. And finally, you have to wear the blue hospital gown for a short period of time and then you’re allowed to get back into pajamas, but they’re not functional for hospital use.

Giftgowns aims to solve these problems by having uplifting and humorous gowns that are sure to bring smiles to patients. They make a perfect and useable gift. Most importantly, Giftgowns have been designed specifically for patient use, with snaps along the arms for IV access/breastfeeding, and snaps along the back for privacy.  Giftgowns have a variety of sizes (from kids xs- adult 3xl) and designs to help patients feel like themselves again during recovering.  You can even customize your own Giftgown with a favourite photo, graphic, saying, or all of the above!  

Patients are loving their Giftgowns:

"I received so many compliments on my gown and people couldn't believe that it was an actual hospital gown with snaps making it accessible for IVs and things like that."-Tamara Lopez, Ontario

"Thank you @giftgowns for the cutest and coziest hospital gown!"-Samantha Jo Johansen, New York

"I may be old, but when I'm hospitalized I want to feel good and look good. Yea, Giftgowns!"- Grant, Ontario

"This hospital gown brought a big smile to my mom's face.  She loved the pockets, fit, and how it wasn't instituitional like."-Lianne Wilson, British Colombia

Shop all of our styles at www.giftgowns.com !

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