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Orthopedic Design: U-exist

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Cindy Habchi

Play with your difference! We are an orthopedic studio unique in the world. Specialized in orthopedic devices customization, we let each disabled person express their true self with style.

From "ready-made" designs from our catalogs to customized creations, we offer 3 different levels of customization. For every style and every age, at once affordable, inspired and of quality. 

Facilitating access to the design of orthopedic devices is our desire. As a true mediator between the patient and the orthoprothetist, we intervene in the design and the printing of the design, the orthoprothetist in the application of this design on the device & the patient in the expression of his personality. A collaborative work that together we play with differences.

More than an orthopedic design studio, U-exist is a new way of looking at disability, an actor of evolution who defends a right for each disabled person : Rebuild himself, express his individuality, his creativity and his emotions.

Surrounded by cold and impersonal orthopedic devices, Simon Colin, graduate in orthopedic wanted to change esthetics in the handical world ! Strong by his artistic environment and his love to tatoo univers, he asked himself : Why not personalize orthopedic devices... as tatoo ? That's how U-exist was born.

If you want to know more :
- info@u-exist.com
- www.u-exist.com
- Facebook & Instagram : @uexist

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