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Engaging Rehabilitation

The RAPAEL Smart Glove is a wearable glove that can be used at home or in a physician’s office. The glove connects via Bluetooth to a screen where patients participate in immersive, game-based training tasks. Patients can “pour the wine” or “squeeze the orange” and see their movements mirrored on-screen. The built-in sensors capture the range of motion and provide reports to continue to measure progress.  

The software includes artificial intelligence to recommend games based on past exercises – kind of like Netflix for rehab – or a Learning Schedule algorithm that automatically adjusts the difficulty level based on the patient’s range of motion and goals. This ensures the patient stays challenged throughout training, and at the same time, creates a positive, encouraging environment.   

Beyond the solution, NEOFECT also has on-site therapists who help patients understand how to maximize training. Additionally, two complementary remote sessions are included for every home user. This allows patients to get accustomed to the technology and learn how to operate the solutions like Smart Glove in the comfort of their own homes.  

NEOFECT’s goal is to give stroke victims and others who have lost mobility in their hands and arms hope, confidence, and independence, and to keep them motivated and engaged in their recovery.   The Smart Glove has received numerous accolades, including a 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Innovation in Healthcare Wearables, the 2018 San Francisco Design Award for VirtualTech, the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Award for Best Practices, a 2017 CES Innovation Award, the AARP 2017 Innovation Champion Award, and Popular Science’s 2017 Best of What’s New Award in the Health category. Visit www.neofect.com/en/product/rapael/ for more information.

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