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OBPI warrior Jared sims

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Alexandria Sims

Jared’s OBPI warrior journey

Jared is a 3 year old toddler living with a right side birth Brachial Plexus Injury. Due to certain circumstances, I can’t talk too much about the birth. I will attach the news story/video of Part 1 of the story so everyone can see that part for themselves. Jared loves to push himself and do things that's difficult for him. Jared attends therapy 5 days a week for OT/PT and aquatics. He loves to swim, go to the park, play with car & trucks, sing and dance. Jared had surgery one year ago at Shriners hospital in Philly to help his range and motion. It’s not known if he’ll need more surgeries in the future. In Jared's early part of his life crawling/rolling when he was a baby was such a challenge and difficult for him. The normal tasks kids learn how to do such as feeding yourself, pulling up your pants, putting on pants, brushing your teeth, playing catch were difficult for Jared. He continues to fight and tries to adapt to every challenge/ obstacle that comes his way now and in the future living with OBPI. #JusticeforJared #erbspalsyawareness

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