LegMaker is a rehab device that attach on wheelchair

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How often do you watch motivational videos or read motivational books about people who could cope with pain, resentment, and misunderstanding and achieve a better life, respect, or simply improve their health?

Not so many people are able to cross all challenges and go to their goal. Sometimes example of others help to some people, and sometimes people go this way alone. In most cases, there is not enough quality information about existing and new methods of treatment, about the results of testing new ones, about people who have been through such treatment.

RehabMaker corporation

Now the company RehabMaker set a huge goal - to tell everyone about the appearance of a new product for the rehabilitation – LegMaker. The idea to help people with weakness of lower limbs (with tetraplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, after a stroke) and to create LegMaker came a year and a half ago.
RehabMaker was founded in May 2017 and in August 2017 started to develop product LegMaker – a pedal mechanism attaching on any wheelchair. Over the past year and a half, we have done a lot from developing the idea of creating a simulator to making the first prototype. . More than 30 people were involved in the construction development and production of a new invention. In August 2017, founders of RehabMaker Corporation with a team of 5 mechanical designers, 2 electricians, 3 steel engineers, decided to produce the first prototype and by the 28 December 2017 the first LegMaker was made.

LegMaker is a rehab device that attach on wheelchair

When legs become immobile, muscles waste away making it even more difficult to take control over their legs. The solution of this problem is various exercises and physiotherapy in hospitals or rehabilitation centers with simulators and special equipment. Disabled people have to go to medical centers and spend a lot of time and money on different programs of rehabilitation. Users of this simulator can become, as well as rehabilitation centers and hospitals and the disabled themselves.  LegMaker is needed people who want to rehabilitate as soon as possible, who want to stay active and keep muscles in tone. People can rehabilitate on their own wheelchair and reduce the price of rehabilitation. Now the simulator has already been able to evaluate the rehabilitation center in Russia ( and three disabled people (names are not disclosed). On May 30, company patented a new method of rehabilitation for wheelchairs and now we are ready to produce simulators for all types of wheelchairs.

The important characteristics of LegMaker

We create a product focusing on progressive needs of wheelchair users. The stimulator can be a manually operated or power driven so wheelchair users will have access to an excellent rehabilitation by muscle workout at any place and any time.  This product is a truly interesting idea, the important characteristics of which are: 1. The compactness of the simulator 2. The ability to attach it to the stroller at any time, as well as a small amount of time required for installation (5-10 minutes) 3. The simulator is designed for active and passive training by the movement of the lower limbs of a person 4. Can be used both indoors and outdoors 5. The simulator is autonomous and independent of the connection to a stationary electrical network. 6. Similar functionality with more well-known manufacturers of the same simulators, but stationary

Mobile Application

Paying attention to people need to communicate and share their achievements, RehabMaker company is developing a smart application to the simulator that allows to collect, store and transfer information about training, the user's health and the dynamics of recovery, but also make it possible to share it with doctors, hospitals, take part in sports and social events. The application will include modules, such as "patient profile" - where everyone can add and manage personal information about health, "find a doctor" - where everyone can find a suitable specialist, appoint a reception or use telemedicine, "sport" - where everyone can find a company for sports, "meetup"  - where everyone can arrange their own event or take participation in a stranger, "meeting platform" - where everyone can find a friend or love, "rehabstore" - where everyone can find products for rehabilitation and share reviews.   Now we are working on the main modules - "patient profile" and "sport".

Join us in this adventure.

We met many unique disabled people who are full of life and continue to fight for their health every day. Now, showing our simulator to the world, we are sure that we will find support not only among people who need this simulator, but also among people who want to make life better and more accessible for everyone.  We hope you will join us in this adventure.
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