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Wheelchair under seat safe bag

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Wheelchair under seat safe bag

I design and make special bags that sit perfectly under the seat of your wheelchair and can be connected to many different models of non-folding wheelchairs. I’m still in the process of development and I would appreciate any valuable comments, especially from those who feel it does not fit their chair structure. The bag is very comfortable and safe, it’s not possible to steal anything from it because it sits securely in a place that is accessible only to the person sitting in the chair. I have already made many similar bags for myself ( i am a wheelchair user) and friends, and have received thanks and very positive comments. The bags are made from black or grey denim, or matte Vinyl. It has two pockets with two-ways zipper runners. Measurements: 20: 21:7 cm, adjustable long straps, fit for big size chairs as well.

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