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Keldan my Warrior with Down Syndrome

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Meet Keldan: Our Little Man With Down Syndrome

Meet Keldan! On the 26th of April 2017, this beautiful little man entered the world. We had refused all pre-natal testing as the results would have made no difference to our decision to have our baby. It was a decision I'm so grateful we made, not because part of me worries it would have made a difference but because hand on heart it wouldn't because when you search "Down Syndrome" you come across far too much negative and scary stuff. I read up before Kel I would have spent my pregnancy scared and afraid of what lay ahead. Instead we had an amazing start. We are blessed Keldan is pretty healthy, his development is delayed but it just means when he hits a milestone it's a massive cause to celebrate, something I very much took for granted with my other children. It reminds me to enjoy the moment and NOT compare my children to others. My one hope in life is to change the opinion of just 1 person, to help just 1 person realize "you can do this" "your child does deserve that chance at life" and really to help educate the general Jo blogs about our children, Keldan will take on the world and he most certainly will conquer it. I'll leave this with my favorite quote..... "In a world where you can be Anything, Be Kind."

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