yoocan - Joshua Landmann - How I transitioned from paralysis to living a Paralympic dream
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How I transitioned from paralysis to living a Paralympic dream

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Joshua Landmann

You'll never win if you never start- my paralysis story

July 2014 was when my life changed forever. I was on holiday with friends. I dove into a swimming, hit the bottom resulting in breaking my neck at C6/C7. Previous to my accident I was very sporty playing a lot of rugby, hockey and skiing. I knew that I had to get back into sports somehow and had my heart now set on competing in the Paralympic games. As soon as I was able to I got back on the ski slopes and learned to ski. Within a year of starting I was competing in international races across Europe, and became the British Giant Slalom Champion. Winter sports are great, but I needed a fix for summer sports, so I started training for a triathlon. I completed my first triathlon in October 2017 with a friend and my father. Now, it's September and I'm part of the British triathlon squad aiming to compete in Tokyo 2020.

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