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One in a million: One of our twins was born with Down syndrome

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Nicola Bailey

Raising twins when one has Down syndrome

Throughout my pregnancy we did not know Harper (Twin #1) had Down syndrome, it was not until 30 minutes after giving birth that the doctor gave us the news by says “I’m sorry” a term that is often used when discussing Down syndrome, but I really believe that there is nothing to be sorry for! Harper is a beautiful smiley little girl. She has the biggest dark blue eyes that melts my heart every time she looks at me. Harper is happy and healthy, she does have a heart defect that is associated with the condition and this will require surgery in a few years time, but we take every day as it comes and focus on the positives. I try to show the world that there is really nothing to be down about. Harper is 6 months old now and is meeting all her development milestones and surprises me every single day. Harper has a Twin sister Quinn it’s very rare for one twin to have Down syndrome and we have been described by medical staff as a one in a million case, so I am definitely one of the lucky few gang.

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