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Making my failures my successes: Mindset change!

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Stephanie Gunsalus

Female adaptive athlete-Above the knee amputee

Born and raised in Arizona, I'm in my 30’s, and I have learned that life isn’t about the failed or missed attempts to succeed. That in fact failure is success. “I would have never learned or gained so much wisdom and strength had I not learned failure head on..” “Embrace your failure, Never let it stop you or define you.” Those are your chapters in your story book 📖 ”

Never looking back

I battled my whole young adolescent and young adult life thinking I was not worthy of success. That my story was to beaten to be shown as a success. My overcomings were unforeseen by the clouding of all my failed attempts to figure out who I was. I was missing in the key element to the right “mindset.” My life was filled with more mountains to climb and bridges to bare then most ever see in thier lifetime. Those moments were my defining moments in my life, and although I made the wrong turn or waivered off the beaten path. I made it to the finish line 🏁 I have competed in many different platforms of fitness. I have become a strong successful entrepreneur and business owner. Knowing my obstacles was knowing my gifts and now I can continue leadership with young girls battling cancer and or body image issues. I am honored and blessed to have been given each day of my life to continue to share my story and give back. Bone cancer survivor (osteogenic Sarcoma) Above the knee amputee Living life and never looking back. Recently in the past 5 years of diagnosis, fighting a rare genetic kidney disease. This to inspires me to show anyone anything’s possible. Never say I can’t and always tell yourself you are someone else’s goal! Be the greatest you can be in life.. You are not promised tomorrow.

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