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Anna, born without a hand

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Anna Fusco

do not hide

My name is Anna, I'm 27 and I'm from Rome. I was born without my hand and the left forearm due to a drug my mother took during her pregnancy. I had to face adversity from birth, discovering immediately what I could and could not do. I fought against people's judgments, I've fallen many times but I've always gotten up. Until 2017, the state has never recognized my rights. I participated in the selections of Miss Italy 2014 wth a prothesis. I was wearing a prosthesis, which only hurt me because it was heavy, it caused me a lot of back problems until I realized that I did not need it because I was born like that, for me it's normal like that, I do not have to be afraid of hiding myself, each of us is unique as it is.I participated in the selections of Miss Italia 2018 without prosthesis without fear or shame. I learned to be enough, to love me, to be independent and at peace with my body. Today I am a motivational coach for parents with children born with limb differences. I help parents understand that they do not need to pass their trauma to their children who do not actually live in it. We were born like this, life has been like this, and so we must show ourselves to the world without fear. Let's love each other, always.

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