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Special needs dad

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Jake Lansdown

Our daughter Eden

Hello! So I guess I should start by introducing myself. I'm Jake and this is our first born, Eden, who has given me the most honorable role of being a special needs dad. Eden was born with a rare brain malformation called Lissencephaly, which literally means she has a smooth brain... which we had zero idea about until she was 6 months old...but more on all of that later. I have been with my wife, Nat, since we were 16, and we also have a 'neuro typical' daughter, Emerson, who is 1.5. I wanted to start sharing about our life and my experiences as SN dad as I haven't found anyone I can quite relate too, so hoping this may help someone else in a similar position. Although I'm sure you wouldn't believe it but, having a child with special needs is such a blessing, and has definitely change our lives for the better. It wasn't until Eden was diagnosed that we have been shown just how much kindness and love there really is in this world.

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