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Here’s to you, Dad!

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Nicole Abikzer

A new kind of normal

On the eve of my dads one year anniversary from a near death accident and after his birthday, I want him to be recognized for the journey we never knew we would witness him go through.

I was in living in Paris at the time I received a call from my mom an alarmingly unusual hour. Her face said it all. My dad was outside of his car getting something from his trunk when a truck going 70-75 MPH conjoined my dad’s body to the back of his car and front of another. One leg came off immediately and the other was amputated due to spread of infection. He was in a 2 week coma, suffered from a lost kidney, fractured ribs...you name it, he broke it. I couldn’t explain the heartache myself and my family went through but what I can proudly give credit to is his courage.

Almost one year later and my dad is a couple months shy of walking. He never gave up despite his setbacks or gave in to a pity party. Rather, he inspires others with his endless determination to get up every day. My dad is less limb than most but he embodies more faith and will than anyone I know. He wronged the doctors timing on when and IF he’ll be able to walk and I have no doubt he’ll get farther than what he would have before given he had his legs.  Because I know my father would want those who are in a similar situation to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I'll give you the advice he's told me throughout the years. He's a man of simple yet effective words of advice!

"If you want something bad enough, you just somehow have to make it happen." His will to walk without legs is a testament to just that. 
We are so proud of you Dad!

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