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Isla Seamone: The Light of our Lives

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Shelby Paler

Isla Seamone brings joy into our lives

Isla Seamone (@shelby_a_paler) made her debut two days before my induction, she was ready to conquer the world. In my second trimester, we first learned that our baby girl had complete AVSD and later informed that Isla was high risk for Trisomy 21. When the doctor informed me of the news I remember feeling the room closing on me, I could not breathe. How was this happening and happening to me? Crying, I will never forget the doctor saying, "Would you like to leave the office through the back door?" At that moment I became a Mama. Saying to myself, "No, I will leave from the front," I will not leave in shame. God graced us with Isla for a reason, we will walk this path with him, hand in hand.

Isla is the absolute light of our life. Every day she inspires us with her strength, love, and curiosity. My whole life going through school or work I felt something was missing that I had not found my niche. All of that changed once I had Isla. She is my calling, my purpose to push forward and not for myself but for her. To be her voice, her advocate and biggest fan. Thank you, Isla for making me your Mom and for bringing such joy into my life.

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