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Cristal Amputee: How I stay positive

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Cristal Echevarria

Staying positive as an Amputee

Hello everyone! (: My name is Cristal (@Cristal_amputee) I am 25 years old, Mexican & Puerto Rican living in Pennsylvania. On August 24, 2017 I had my right leg amputated due to "nacrotizing fascilitis" which is a flesh eating bacteria. I remember being in the ICU upset & angry because I couldn't see my 3 children (ages 7,5 & 2). I went two weeks without seeing my babies. I kept telling my nurses/doctors to please make the surgery go quickly because I needed to be with my children. My kids were the ones who motivated me & they still do. Everything I do is for them. Everyone till this day keeps asking how I stay so positive & honestly it's my children that help me. Also, I had & have a great support from my family & most importantly my fiance. All I can say is to always try to stay as positive as you can be because i know YOU CAN DO IT! Never say you cannot do it. Always remember that there are people in worse situations & they still DO IT!. It's okay to cry because we are only human! Always smile because you may never know when your last day will be, so live it to the fullest!

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