yoocan - Tanja Henseler - Paralympic Athlete with Caudal Regression Syndrome
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Paralympic Athlete with Caudal Regression Syndrome

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Tanja Henseler

Proving the Doctors wrong with Caudal Regression Syndrome

My name is Tanja (@tanja.henseler) and I was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome. According to the doctors who diagnosed me, I would never sit up, walk or do anything on my own. I am proving those doctors wrong because I am a fighter. I have had numerous operations, which has made me stronger. You can do anything you want. It's up to you, and how much you believe, fight and work. There are limits only in the head. I was a very active child and now I have started wheelchair racing. It's my passion. I have participated six times. I was in the junior world games and this year I will be at the European Championship in Berlin. My ambition is to take part in the World Championship next year in Dubai and at the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. To reach these goals, I work hard every day.

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