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How I learned to love sports after my spinal cord injury

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Lucius Krupljan

Sports after spinal cord injury

Hi, my name is Sandro Krupljan, I'm 22 years old. I'm from Pola, Croatia...btw beautiful country...anyway...my story begins on April, 15 2015...that day I fell down from the second floor of a building. I spent 3 months in the hospital and 4 months in rehabilitation. It was very difficult for me then, but I told myself to never give up on life. In rehabilitation, I met good people who helped me survive the situation. After the rehabilitation I started a lot of exercises and engaged in sports. The first days were difficult, everything was odd working in a wheelchair, but later I got used to that kind of life. I started training at the gym, and I also started training in basketball. I'm an athlete, I won my first bronze medal at the state competition for disabilities in athletics. My coach was very proud of me and my team. All people with disabilities should be involved in a variety of sports and feel great about it because only sky is the limit.

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