yoocan - Tiffany Jane - How I regained confidence from Spinal Stenosis
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How I regained confidence from Spinal Stenosis

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Tiffany Jane

Spinal Stenosis & my recovery

I’m Tiffany and I'm 27 years old. I became a tetraplegic in November 2009. I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis from C2 to C5 in 2009. Following tests by a Neurologist I had a procedure called a laminectomy on 26th October 2009 with a spell in spinal rehabilitation in months to come. I developed insecurities, isolation, depression, anxiety and couldn’t carry on. I had everyday battles physically and emotionally. I felt as though I was an outsider and broken! I had to regain my confidence and self-esteem as of which I haven’t fully regained. I started live by the quote: “Mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.” I have found my love for makeup again doing it my unique way with how my hands let me get better at it the more I do it. One thing that has helped me in the time of me being paralyzed is the love and support that I have received from my family because without them I wouldn’t be where I am now and for that, I am truly grateful!


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