yoocan - Javier Garo - Showing the world what Cerebral Palsy has given me
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Showing the world what Cerebral Palsy has given me

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Javier Garo

Through Instagram I want to make it known what I'm capable of with Cerebral Palsy

My name is Javier (@javier.garo). I am eighteen years old. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I decided to create an account on Instagram because I want to tell people what Cerebral Palsy means, what our daily lives look like, what are our limitations, our goals and so on. I consider myself to be an active person. I ski, horseback ride & paint. I love going out with my family and friends. Although, I am 97% dependent (I need someone with me 24 hours a day), I try to live a normal life. Don´t hesitate to follow me and see all my adventures.

**Follow me if you're interested in meeting me @javier.garo


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