yoocan - Alvin Tjoe - Living as an amputee and Chondrosarcoma survivor at the young age

Living as an amputee and Chondrosarcoma survivor at the young age

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Alvin Tjoe

Cancer Survivor

My name is Alvin (@alvinehom). I’m a Chondrosarcoma Survivor. My journey started in October 2017. Sometimes I felt pain in my right ankle. In November 2017 bumps appeared on my ankle. In December 2017, the bumps worsened and I couldn't wear shoes. In January 2018, I had an ankle rontgen and there was fleck above my calcaneus bone. In January – February 2018, I tried several treatments from doctors. In March 2018, I had an MRI and several blood tests. The results lead the doctor to diagnose me with Bone Tuberculosis. In April 2018, I had Debridement surgery (the removal of damaged tissue or foreign objects from a wound) and the doctor took a sample to biopsy. After a week, the doctor gave me the result of the biopsy, it was Chondrosarcoma grade 3. I’ve checked with several doctors in Indonesia, KL & Penang and the result was still the same. Every doctor gave me two solutions: Calcaneus Bone reconstruction (10-15% recurrence) & amputation (0% recurrence). I’ve had a PET Scan, and the result was no spread of cancer cells and I had amputation surgery in June 2018. Now I live my life with prosthetic like normal people. I can still work, drive, and go to the gym. I hope to play basketball again. Nice to meet you guys!


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