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"You're Going to Walk"

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Still pressing on after spinal cord injury

I just launched my new book, "You're Going to Walk"...my story of my 1979 SCI injury.  It is a story of hope and courage.  I wrote this story to describe the Quadriplegic life, sort of an expose' for those who really do not know.  Perhaps they will understand just a little more about the struggle and hardship that paralysis is. I do hope it encourages and gives a hearty laugh to my fellow injured.    But it is reaching, far more people than I thought. If you know someone who is depressed or having a difficult time with their own physical or emotional lives, give them my book. I have found that it can apply to many others in their journeys. I hope if you are a person struggling with any type of severe injury or illness that you too will try when the doctors give a bad report, that you too may find hope and encouragement to take on a new attitude and rise above it all!  Keep seeking, keep knocking and keep wiping away tears so that you will find a new you!

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