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Overcoming adversities with Cerebral Palsy

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Victoria Cahill

The Fight: Cerebral Palsy

My due date was March 1st, 1997. However, I was born December 5th, 1996, 3 months early weighing just 2 lbs. At first other than my size there were no signs of any serious side effects. After a few months in the ICU, I was finally at a healthier weight and discharged. Pre-discharge some last minute tests were done to ensure everything was good to go. My mom was getting me ready to leave when the doctor came in to deliver the news that there were signs of a stroke on my brain scan. This is when I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Obstacles with Cerebral Palsy

Having Cerebral Palsy, like any other disability, makes you unique compared to normal kids growing up. The ability to participate in normal activities is limited and making friends can be hard. Just going out to dinner can be super nerve wracking. You face the same challenges as everyone else growing up but having a disability adds to those challenges. Through my personal growth process I have found that blogging is an awesome way for me to express myself allowing me to get out of my comfort zone. Cerebral Palsy made me shy in the past but I will not let it control me now. Feel free to follow along with my blog at wheeliegirlvsworld.com.

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