yoocan - Strength Girl - If you could turn back time, would you do things different?
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If you could turn back time, would you do things different?

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Strength Girl

The beginning

My story begins in 2016. I was young, a student & ready to seize life. That year I travelled a lot, hung out with my friends and studied for my exams in college. In my spare time I danced, which meant a lot to me because when I dance I feel alive and free. Everything was just perfect. It was too good to be true. One decision changed my life forever. On July 2nd, I went to a festival with my friends. Then, I couldn’t imagine that something like having fun and enjoying life, could change my life forever. In the middle of the night, while everybody was dancing and having fun, there was a gun shooting. Everything changed in a second and my battle started. Because of that event, I become an above the knee amputee and injured my right arm.

Life as an amputee

Two years have passed. Every day is a battle, but I love my life. This made me stronger then ever. I struggled with a lot, but I am a fighter. I will never surrender. I know that I have some big purpose in this world. I will leave my mark. I still do the things I love. I still help people the best I can.  I am still me, nobody and nothing can change that. So my message to you is: Live your life to the fullest because everything can change in a second. Nothing in life is terrible and you can conquer anything. You only need to be patient, motivated and strong. We don't know how strong we are until we need to be. Be what you are. Accept yourself. Love yourself and everybody is going to love you. Stop making excuses and start living. Love, make friends and go on new adventures, because you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. You only have today. So, make the best of it.

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