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Blog about fashion and clothes for wheelchair users

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Mikaela Lastre

Difficult for wheelchair users to find clothes

Hello! My name is Mikaela Lastre and I run the Swedish blog wheelwear.se. My blog is about fashion and clothes for wheelchair users. I am, as fare as I know, the only one in Sweden to blog about fashion and clothing for wheelchair users. It's hard for wheelchair users to find clothes that are comfortable and at the same time don’t cost a fortune. I have done quite a lot of research on this subject, including a number of questionnaires, and if you look at the answers from those who responded the most difficult clothes to find in regular stores are pants and jackets. There are a lot of wheelchair users in Sweden who buy clothes which they later have to leave to a tailor or change themselves. The clothes that are available for wheelchair users in the market today, because there are actually a few possibilities, often are very expensive and therefore very few people have the opportunity to buy them. Why doesn’t the clothing industry do more fore this kind of customers? Looking at the number of people in Europe who have some form of disability, and according to European Commission, there are 1/6 of the whole population. This constitutes approximately 80 million people. And the number increases each year, given that we are getting older.

visit my blog @wheelwear.se

I am married to Kristoffer and he has been a wheelchair user since birth because of a spinal cord injury. I started my blog after I realized how hard it was to find clothes for wheelchair users. I wanted to explore if there was a market for this kind of clothing and how it looked like. I hope you will visit my blog at wheelwear.se and you are more than welcome to get in contact with me at mikaela@wheelwear.se. Also follow me on Instagram & Facebook: @wheelwear.se.

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