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Life After Surgery Project

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית

Kate Vosti

Featuring scars, fitness, body confidence, self-love & the journey

We’re two California girls who have bonded over some badass surgeries.   ​We became friends in high school, both active and athletic in our own ways. Kate was a talented ballerina and Molly dominated in volleyball, basketball, and soccer.   

During our college years, we reconnected when we both underwent traumatic surgeries within the same year. While Molly was recovering from her car accident, Kate reached out and sent her a picture of the back brace she was bound to after her final spine surgery.   

We bonded all over again, knowing that in many ways, we now shared an experience that no one else in our lives had quite shared in the same way. Both of us, respected athletes in our disciplines, feeling disabled and powerless; uncertain of what the future held for us. Would we ever be the same again? Was our talent taken from us?    Fast forward to today: we are not only recovered from our surgeries, we are thriving. (Read our personal stories of resurgence on our website)   

With this project, this movement, this community... we have decided that it is time for not only our stories to be heard, but all of your stories as well: The stories of athletic people embodying human resilience. Help us inspire those about to undergo surgery, or who have undergone surgery and are asking themselves the same questions we all grappled with during our periods of uncertainty. Help us inspire those with scars who view their wounds as painful reminders instead of emblems of survival. Help us get the message out that there IS life after surgery.


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