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Marin Giljanović Story

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Marin Giljanović

My life

My name is Marin Giljanović. I'm 25 years old. I'm from Pula, Croatia. Since birth, I have been using a wheelchair because I was born with Spina Bifida. This has not prevented me from being active in life. Since I've been 15 years old, I've been playing sports. I have over 10 medals won. In 2011, I became the Champion of Croatia. I raced 100 meters. After that competition, it took about 6 years for me to complete school. Now, I have a diploma to be a web designer. Meanwhile, I graduated from Elementary Music School. I played the violin and flute. When I finished my education, I started dealing with humanitarian work in various humanitarian organizations. I like helping people. Although I am a person with disabilities, others are always in first place. I said earlier that I took a break 6 years from the sport, but after 2 years I was invited by the former club and became a member of the Presidency of the club. I am also active in the Society of people with physical disabilities in my city, also as a member of the Presidency. After 6 years of active sports, I returned to the athletics and I was invited to be a basketball player in one club in my county. Although I am now actively and professionally active in sports, I have not forgotten others. I'm still engaged in humanitarian work in my free time.

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