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How I survived an assault

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The Day I Was Shot

My name is Fabio and I am 29 years old from São Paulo. On 04/14/09, I arrived home early from work. My girlfriend at the time had come to my house. I used my bike to take her home. Out of nowhere came a young boy, armed, telling me that this was an assault, so I turned on my motorcycle alarm. I had no reaction time. I lift my hand, a simple movement, enough for him to shoot me.

My luck was that a neighbor was sick and in her house. She came fast to help me. The ambulance was called but a car passed and my neighbor asked them to take me to the hospital because I was a good boy, a family worker. I would not survive if I lost a lot of blood. My family did not deserve to see my dead body later.

I was on death's door

When I arrived at the hospital all the professionals I needed were there. I was in a cardiac arrest for 25 seconds. I was at heaven's door and I came back, I was in a coma for two weeks. I was all swollen, breathing & feeding through tubes & I had a trach. I felt the presence of God, my parents are evangelicals, I was raised going to church, but I never felt that I was in a cult.


I recovered quickly. I stayed in the hospital for a month and a half. When I returned home I felt like I was gone, my world had transformed completely. The first year was more difficult. I felt like a burden for my family, I was depressed, I did not want to leave, I was alone at home in a dark room watching TV, I was a fish out of the water, and felt all my dreams were over until I woke up to life again. I started to leave the house with friends, travel, date, got married, separated, etc, finished studies. I had so many experiences & adventures that when I look back my best memories are in the wheelchair. I am very happy, and the wheelchair has taught me so much. I am a better person I was before the accident.


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