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Making wheelchair life an adventure

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Laura Beck

Laughing at myself daily

Hey everybody! My name is Laura Beck (@anhonestquad ). I was in a car wreck Nov 28, 2016, 5 minutes before my husbands birthday. We hit a puddle on the interstate which sent our car hydroplaning, flipping three times and hitting a tree. The tree jammed the roof of the car into my head which crushed my c-6 spine. I have limited use of my wrists, no use of my fingers or palms, and I am paralyzed from the chest down. I am in chronic pain daily, over my entire body, and have learned to “zen” through each day. Some days are worse than others. I fight the demon of “can’t” daily as this injury breeds thoughts of what I cannot do. I am constantly setting new goals, and working to conquer what I can. My husband, Jacob is the best gift I have ever had in this life, and I absolutely could not be as positive as I am without him. A lot of my fighting is not just for me, but for him. We are planning to save and travel the US for an undetermined amount of time starting next year with our two fur children. We are going to outfit a van and make it accessible so that I can drive while Jacob works. We’re ready for it be a challenging, crazy, adventure. I strive to stay positive, to have fun and laugh daily— but there are bad days. I fight so so hard to not let those bad days linger and fight to keep looking forward and doing my very best every day.


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